Monday, September 1, 2014

Sailing down to Cloncurry

I left Normanton about 4am. Just couldn't sleep. Went to bed early, not feeling the best. Then kept waking all night. So at 3am, decided to do something about all the cool, still weather. Packed up and I was off.

When the sun peeked over the horizon, I saw that I was on a sea of golden brown grass. With the increased light, increased wind. Sailing I was. Not the skip across the wave tops type, nor the lazing about on deck with a glass of something alcoholic. This was the labouring into the wind type of sailing.

I'd managed 50km by sun up. Three hours - not bad. The next 50 took 5 hours. A much slower pace.  I had two car drivers stop. One gentleman, whose name escapes me now, picked me up with tea and lamingtons. A real life saver. I'd been feeling not the best still. But after this, I was almost back to normal.

The next driver to stop was Jim of Free Scotland. His gift was stuff from heaven; cashews, peanuts and dried banana chips. Thanks Jim - they lasted two days.

I'd called it quits for the day not long after waving off Jim. Too hot. Found a solitary bush to shelter behind.

Next day, was a repeat; without the early rising, or the drivers stopping. A steady day of 15km/hr into the wind was itinerary. Seven hours to the Burke and Wills Roadhouse for a couple of burgers. Avoid being trampled at the counter by large mammalian creatures, then on another hour to find a campsite away from the crowds.

No surprise the next day was a repeat. Steady day of pedalling into head winds. I tried a few times if walking was faster; no. I also tried tacking across the road. Seemed to help, but then it didn't.  Just keep pedalling..
Stopped at a pub outside of Cloncurry, but it was too early. Just had to keep going...