Sunday, September 7, 2014

On the way to Winton

I'd left Julia Creek for Kynuna. It was a cold morning, and I had delayed starting. Only 117km, no worries. Until the wind blew up, the temperature soared, and I flagged. Then to top it all off, in the hottest part of the day, the rear tire went flat!  What? A new tire, it doesn't puncture! It hadn't. The tube had a patch and it had separated. Darn. Patched it again without taking the wheel off, loaded up, pffffttt. The new patch didn't stick. At this point I took the wheel off and replaced the tube with a patch free one. All this in the blazing sun, flies and dust. Not sure if the glue was off or it was just too hot.

With a new tube of glue, in the cooler evening I patched the tube again to keep for a spare.

Over the next rise, and I met a lovely couple with a camper trailer having a break on the side of the road. They topped me up with water, so I could skip riding into Kynuna, and head straight to Winton. A 10km saving. 

Ended up camped near the road, behind a bush about 100km from Julia Creek.

I'm sure no one could see me here :-)