Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mitchell, Roma

Nothing to exciting heading down the road to Mitchell. Lots of traffic, compared to what I have had. At Mitchell, I have a weekend to spend before getting to Roma. So I take the scenic route. Dirt roads with no traffic. Much better.
I stopped Saturday afternoon just sort of the tar again. Went back up the road 5km to find a sheltered spot. Showers were forecast. Could happen,  might not.
Turned out it poured. All Sunday. My spot was sheltered, but the amount of water coming down, and the dry soil. Had mud running under the tent. Water also dripped in in a few places also. I don't think the Hubba Hubb Tent is a wet weather tent. More like a fine weather, with chance of rain tent. Used spare plastic I had to keep the sleeping gear off the floor.
Mondays ride into Roma was also very wet. Mud everywhere. Glad I went back up the road, the spots close to the tar were underwater.
I did spend Sunday cleaning up my bags. Found the usual amount of non essential stuff. Was happy to be able to reduce my load by a kilo. But since then picked up more stuff from the road supermarket. Currently carrying a whole roll of pink marking tape, and a full packed of giant cable ties. Both look useful, but I don't think I need them.