Wednesday, May 12, 2021

New Racks

The local council cleanup was on. I found two camping chairs.

A bit of work with a drill.

And a lot more work later:

The "basket" on the front is a "Garden City Plastic Grow Plant Pot - 410mm Black 28L $6.50 " from Bunnings. It won out over the "Tactix 25L Black Collapsible Crate $9.98 " by the sleek aerodynamic shape, lighter weight, increased volume and being slightly cheaper. Time will tell if it is up to the rigours of life as a basket.

But for now, I love the space it provides. The old K-Mart wire basket was miserly with space. A bicycle lock and my backpack with shopping was always a tight squeeze. I needed to give it a bit of encouragement to fit and even then, I didn't always succeed. This new basket it voluminous. The shopping and the bicycle lock vanish inside with ample room for more goods. A good sized basket is essential in my opinion.