Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tourist time out west


Outside Cracow museum
Not caught up on all my posts yet.  And I'm getting ready to shoot through.  Just been just off playing tourist for a bit in the past week.

Headed out west. Stopped to watching the Savannahlander pulling in at Almaden, the end of the line. 

Then onto Chillagoe for a walk about the rocks and ruins.  And a surprise catch up with Stuart and Thomas of baking fame back in 2012 on the Great Central Road. They were travelling with Robet. Bit of a shock for Thomas, yacking away in the beer garden of the pub, talking all about me when I walked in, sat down and heckled him.

Not surprising he didn't recognise me out of my cycle gear. He'd only ever seen me like this.  Impossible to know if I had hair, let alone style and colour.

Stayed an extra day, eating delicious bacon and egg burgers made by Andy at the Chillagoe General Store and catching up. We had planned to meet and cycle up north together, but I couldn't wait for them, and arrived about when they set off from Charleville. Was hoping to still meet up with them and had emailed, but not heard back. Not surprising as reception being iffy out that way.

Before finally getting to the reason for the trip; a camp draft near Dimbulah.

Separate out the cow from the pack and keep it up near the gate.

Then chase it around the paddock.  Okay. Was a bit more to it than that. The cows conspired to frustrate the novices. The experienced riders made it look easy. Mostly. Sometimes the cow seemed to know that the exit was at the other side of the paddock, and made a beeline straight out the gate.  One didn't want to play at all, and jump clean over the fence.  

Lots of cowboy hats and boots, horses and cows. All well sprinkled with fine brown dust. 

Australian Slang:

Struth:  exclamation of surprise.
Shoot through: leave, usually to avoid or escape from someone or something.
Yacking: non stop talking.