Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Non cooking pasta!

Found that with the high winds, I didn't want to try lighting up the stove. Sitting in a sea of dry grass, windy, lighting a fire - no way. But needed to use my pasta up, as I didn't have enough non cook items to get me to the next town.

Soak it!

Yep, it worked. Soaked overnight, it was edible in the morning.  If I waited until evening, it started fermenting though. Still edible - just a bit fizzy.

Add milk powder, or curry and yum.

The water is sweet, the pasta a bit tasteless..  That is what the milk powder or curry is for.

Found the same with my breakfast - rolled oats, desiccated coconut and dried dates.  Best to eat it before lunch.  By the evening, its fermenting. Again still edible, just a bit fizzy.

I use peanut butter jar to soak food in. When the food starts fermenting, the containers swell - so could leak. Make sure they are standing upright in the panniers..