Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bed Done!

Built a bed base with storage bins. A raised bed with storage underneath.

Bed box in!

But, sitting/lying on the bed and it sagged more than I liked. I experimented with more supports under the lids, and with thicker lid options. Either would have worked, but I eventually decided that the the amount of under the bed storage I had built wasn't needed. Too much storage and it's tempting to fill it. I would use the beside the bed area, and shelving. I could then cut the walls down for a lower roof height. A lower roof is better as it will catch the wind less,a and be less prone to tipping over. 

Bed base was 200mm high. This was to give height to sit up on the bed. Wheel base is 800mm. Roof was 1200mm off the floor, 1500mm of the ground. 

I wavered on roof height when I went to cut the walls down. It wasn't just the sit up height on the bed. The door opening height is important to me. A lower roof = a lower door opening, or a thinner lintel over the door. The door will open upwards under the roof, and I want it to open more than 90°.  I want to be able to sit in the doorway and not hit my head. Decided I wanted to keep an under bed storage option for the future in case I really did need it, so rather than lowering it 200mm, I cut 130mm off.  Roof is 1070mm from the floor.

Bed box out and cutting shelving.