Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Time for a wash. Pilliga has a public hot spring. Actually it's a bore that empties into a pool.
When I arrived, the park was busy. Lots of caravans, motor homes and campervans. Well a lot compared to how many I'd seen recently. I rode up, took my sandals off and walked into the pool. Figured my clothes needed a bit of a clean also. The water comes out of the bore warm, and with a salt content. I was hoping it was less than what was on my clothing. Only stayed in a bit, then out to dry off.
Temps have been trending upwards, so it didn't take long to dry. I interacted with a few of the visitors. Apart from one couple, parked noticeably away from everyone else, people were not happy. Grumpy would describe them. Not sure why.
I was happy. Fine day, a wash, food, water. I didn't stay. While there was a lot of room, a spot on the first was already reserved for me. Off down the dirt road towards Baradine I went.