Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Headed out the old Charleville Road to Charleville of course. Not a road that is well advertised. Not a road that is maintained either. You start by going through some closed gates. Then you need to keep you sense of direction turned on. It appears to take a bend and cross a creek, but a bit later, alarms should be ringing, it turns further west. Time to go back. The bend before the river, has a small track that continues straight ahead. You want that. Follow for the next 30km, avoiding cows.

And finally join the Mitchell Highway, 20km outside of Augathella. Sure the highway would have been quicker, but no where near as scenic or as much fun.

I decided to stay the night in Charleville. The sheep dip taste in my water and food was getting to me. I was going to ignore it some more, but then talking with a guy outside the IGA, he mentioned there was a strong sheep dip smell, and that I was the cause of it. Soon as he said 'sheep dip' I knew it was me. Bought some more soap, and went to find a caravan park to wash in.  Really annoying actually, as the poison is odourless and tasteless. Its just the "flavour" that gives it the awful smell and taste. Why can't they make it strawberry or banana? So the agenda for the day was wash everything - tent, bedding, clothing, ground sheets, water bags, bags, bottles, etc.. Yep, everything. The stuff didn't have any smell on my clothes when dry, but when wet, the sheep dip smell was back.  Finally got everything smelling , well, not of sheep dip. A definite improvement.

Then hunted up food, and more poison for the ticks. This time, I did the smell test before buying.