Monday, December 21, 2015

Sydney again

Was a tough trip. Basic route was Southern Highlands then out to Oberon and back into Lithgow. The weather was kind - only a bit of rain, and small amount of hail. Few hot days, but mostly very pleasant. Lots of great camping was enjoyed. Bit hilly in places. Managed 93 km/hr on one downhill. Of course every downhill has an up. The slow climbs gave lots of time to admire the scenery.

With the return to Sydney, back into planning and action. The first step has been taken; my Surly Troll has been listed for sale on 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

We're all going on a summer holiday..

No sooner was the last blog posted, when plans developed for a trip about the southern highlands. Back on the bike again. So far, have spent ten days making 45km as the crow flies. Lots of strength sapping 30km days. Then resting in the shade of a gum tree. Not anyone could do it.