Monday, September 12, 2011

Bicycle Polo, Perth

Been doing some rides about Perth, and generally lazying about.
Yesterday decided to go check out the bike polo games. Got the
information from and rocked
up.  The game they play is "Hardcourt Bike Polo" or "Urban Bike Polo".
Check out the rules

Most of the bikes were fixed gear or single speed. I used my bike -
after taking off the mirror and lowering the bar ends.

It was heaps of fun. Going to have to go back an play some more.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Live music, and dolphins

Yay!!! My bike is back. New seals on the Rohloff, new chain and sprockets. Been out riding each day.  Yesterday was in one of the parks and got to listen to some live music. Guess it was part of some fathers day celebrations.

Today, I got to watch dolphins playing near the shore. I was the only one there. They played for around 20 minutes about a buoy, then moved along the shore a bit before vanishing. A show, just for me.