Monday, July 18, 2016

Hot, humid with a very high chance of rain.

Went for a walk for a couple of days. Averaged 17km per day, which doesn't sound like much. I'm suffering big time in the heat and humidity. Middle of winter and it's hitting 28c with feels like of 30. Overnight lows of low 20s. Doesn't feel like winter at all.
Been doing 6km walks with hiking poles. That was all okay. Starting from the family home first thing in the morning. Got a cart to carry my gear, but the it had a faulty wheel. Only just received the replacement.
Feet a little sore, but it's to be expected. Was worried about blisters at the end of day one, but they settled overnight. I put tape over the likely spots the next day. Not sure I can carry enough tape though.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baking with tea candles

My first loaf that I'm having for brunch. Four tea candles for 45 minutes. The bread is soft, but I'll experiment more now that I'm on the road and try for a crust.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sydney - Cairns

I did leave Sydney with the K-Mart bike to head north.  The bike worked well. The front forks stayed rigid and showed no signs of movement. Gearing was higher than I'd like - so did a fair bit of walking. With all the walking, I started having foot problems. My feet were still not up to walking much. With most of the trip still to go, I decided to return to Sydney to recover.

The body healed with rest, but then there was a family incident, so I flew to Cairns with just a the essentials in a backpack - electronics, sleeping bag, clothes, cooking gear, tarp, bug net and miscellaneous items. I like to be independent. The original plan was to either fly back to Sydney or walk with the backpack. However, the walk from the airport had me thinking that some wheels might be better. So after much searching about, I found some.