Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Julia Creek

Didn't stop in Cloncurry, known as Curry to the locals.  After four days of not very many people, it seemed crowded at the Foodworks on a Sunday. Decided to head to Julia Creek. Give me a bit more time to think about which way I'm going.

This might be sounding monotonous, but it was steady days of cycling at 15km/hr into the wind. Yep, its windy and all directions I want to go, are into it. The land around here is big open flat planes. Nothing to hide behind, nothing to stop the wind.

Ended up camped near a creek, that had a bit of water in a few holes. Watched all the birds come for a drink. With 33C temps, and windy, its hot.

Stopped in Julia Creek now, as the forecast has 7km winds. But the observation is 32km/hr with gusts up 43km/hr.

Its dry here. Hasn't rained in three years. The locals are hoping for some rain this year. Cause, when that happens, it will be a flood.