Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Was feeling a bit down a couple of mornings ago when I started cycling for the day. Thinking of all the people I've known, stuff that they have done or not done, my hopes, wishes and dreams for them. *sighs*

This poem I think sums it all up.

Empties Cuming Back 

have you ever sat by the railroad track 
and watched the emptys cuming back? 
lumbering along with a groan and a 
smoke strung out in a long gray line 
belched from the panting injun’s stack 
—just emptys cuming back.

i have—and to me the emptys seem 
like dreams i sometimes dream— 
of a girl—or munney—or maybe fame— 
my dreams have all returned the same, 
swinging along the homebound track 
—just emptys cuming back. 

-Angelo De Ponciano