Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cairns to Perth

Well, was planning to cycle down the east coast again, but...  It was raining. It had been raining an awful lot; over 700mm since I'd landed in Cairns. And it was still raining. The weather forecast was for more rain down the whole east coast.  My planned route south kept changing based on what roads were flooded.

I wasn't enjoying the heat and humidity at all. Browsing about online looking for a cooler place to be, found that Jetstar had $199 tickets to Perth. Perth was dry, and cool. Didn't take too much thinking before I had booked a ticket.

Perth is sooo good. Cool and dry. Loving the weather here. Back waiting for gear to arrive. I'd taken all my stuff to Cairns, so, needed to bring it all back again. Used Australia Post to send most of it, as it was cheaper than the airline luggage rates. But Aus Post delivery is erratic. Over a week since posting, it hasn't arrived yet.  I'm hopeful that it will arrive this week.

While wandering about down the river bank on Sunday, come across the Australasian hardcourt bike polo championships.  Yay for bicycles!!!!