Monday, September 15, 2014

Tambo, Augathella

I'm almost giddy with excitement. I've bought poison! The ticks have had their day. I'm tired of being food. We've had an uneasy relationship. They scurry up my legs as fast as they can. I try to spot them and flick them off. No matter how many I spot, I always had the feeling some were avoiding my gaze.  I got good at pinching the spots I couldn't see and picking them off. But the were always more. Finally, enough!
I stopped early, and sprayed my tent, ground sheets, straps, ocky cords, shoes, socks, only the below the knees of my pants. I smell like a dipped sheep. But no more ticks! It was with great satisfaction I found dead ones in the tent this morning. As they keep climbing out of my gear, they will all die.  The only down side of this - besides smelling of a dipped sheep - is that at times my water seems to taste the same. Small price to pay I decide. I sleep well at night now.
Continuing south, I pass the Dog Fence. Though, I'm sure I saw dogs on either side of it. Not sure how useful it is really.