Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Isisford, via the "shortcut"

The GPS shows its only 107 km, Longreach to Isisford. Trouble is, no one seems to know the road. I set of to explore. Four hours later, 45 km of dirt roads and I'm talking with Mark about the road. Lucky for me, Mark was checking the dams, else I was on a long trip back to Longreach the way I had come. The road was the old postal route. Long gone. Mark said I was only 6km from the road to Jundah. I decide to take that, and emerge 18 km from where I started.
All up the trip to Isisford takes me 150km. Longer than any option provided by the GPS or map.
But it was country. And no traffic. Just nice dirt roads, cows, sheep, emus and roos.
Arriving, I learn its a public holiday for the Barcaldine show. Nothing open. Oh well, tomorrow.