Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Surat was a lovely town. Rolled before lunch. Showers from the overnight had eased, but it was still cloudy. Sun trying to peak through.
I used the time to find some water and wash the mud off my tent and ground sheets. Also washed my sandals and socks. The mud out here is very sticky. Clogged up the tires also. I took to carrying a stick to scrape it out. I would have washed in Roma, but I couldn't find a tap at all. Even getting drinking water was hard. Didn't like Roma much - too big, lots of mining traffic, everyone in high-viz gear. And traffic lights!
Two locals in Surat went out of their way to come and tell me about the camping options and free showers in town. How sweet is that!
Cause I didn' t use the showers - I'd washed in Charleville.
I went to look at the camping. It was a very nice site near the water. But, lots of caravans about. I've been spoilt: too much camping on my own. Loaded up with water and headed out. Found a lovely spot just for me later that day.