Monday, October 26, 2015

Theodore, Taroom, Wandoan, Miles

Never happened before, but always a first time. The librarian wouldn't let me charge my phone in the library. "It's not a service the council provides" she told me. Ouch. My 16w solar panel was only providing 1w - something wrong there, so phone charging wasn't happening when stationary. Moving I could still charge off the dynamo. 
Finally my parcel arrived, and I was off. Hot, humid days, with lots of small flies. Hard to laze about a camp in those conditions, so 120km days became the norm. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Been hot and humid days, with a friendly headwind to keep me company.  Nothing much happening. Just days outdoors.

Passed through Emerald, Springsure, Rollstone, Moura. Brief water stops.

Do most of my riding early in the day to avoid the heat and wind. Then shelter up for the day amongst the trees.  I've had the plan to move on in the afternoon, but it hasn't happened. Averaging about 40-50km a day.
Currently in Theodore waiting on a mail delivery.


I had a plan. It said "day of rest in Charters Towers". But when I got there, it was a northerly blowing, and I couldn't let that go. Sadly it didn't last more than a couple of hours. Then it turned and the southerly keep me company every day.
Belyando Crossing was interesting. They wouldn't give me any water, or sell me any except the fridge bottles at $4.80/1.5L. I'd used about 20L getting there. 32C days, head winds. So was going to be expensive buying water. They said the river water wasn't drinkable.  But it was used in the kitchen. Also the ice was river water at $4.40/3.5kg. It would seem that it had to be safe to drink! If you stayed the night there was taps in the laundry. I got lucky and got water from a passing motor home. He had 400L so was okay to spare me some.