Friday, September 26, 2014

St George

Arrived early, after a night of thunder, lightning, strong winds, and a little rain. Found out later that I'd missed most of it; 25mm had fallen in town. This was to cause me some problems when I wanted to leave.
Wandered in to Unique Egg, thinking to look about the sports gear, and found it was a tourist attraction on its own. 60 years of hand carved emu eggs. Spent time talking with Steve Margaritus about his life in Australia, and the eggs he'd carved. Was very interesting. Might go back and talk more with him another time.
St George was smaller than I'd though it would be. I didn't stay long. Food then water, and headed out.
St George has the water systems: rain water, bore water and river water. Mostly people drink rain water, wash in bore water, and water the plants with river water. Yes, some off the taps give out river water. Noticeable from the muddy color.  I declined to buy bottle water, and eventually found a drink fountain near the river to fill up at. I suspect it is bore water, but had signs up saying it was drinkable. It is!
I'd planned to take the dirt road to Dirranbandi, but after the rain, and locals saying it was probably all mud at this time, decided to stick on the tar. In the end it didn't matter. At the turnoff, the wind was blowing so strong, I decided to have an easy time, and not ride into a head wind. Stayed on the road towards Nindigully.
Stopped off just before the Nindigully Pub, and sheltered from the wind. A peaceful night was had.