Sunday, October 5, 2014

Baradine, Coonabarbran

Pleasant days. Baradine is a lovely little town. The temps are good. Scenery easy on the eyes.I linger in the bush, reluctant to leave. Twice I'm back in town to get more water, my camp is on a ridge and the creek below is dry. I read and make a net from builders twine. I watch the birds, ants, beetles and occasional roo as the sun swings its arc overhead. Must I leave?
When the water runs out again, I ride into Coonabarbran.
A Woolworths! So much food. The man setting up the garden section sees me and says where to lean my bike, and that he'll watch it. So helpful and friendly. I buy way to much, not having had breakfast yet..Never shop when hungry! A lesson I know, but ignore.
I find the clocks have changed. "Daylight savings" has started/ended. The day light looks the same to me.. I wonder what happens with the savings.
Now sitting in the park; eating.