Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well the machines stopped about 5ish, but that was just to lul everyone into a false sense of security. I woke up about 2am - what is that noise! They had started up again. With no hope of sleep - I left. A big Hi to Phil, Frazer and Brian, who invited me to their camp. Phil is chasing fish - not any fish. Carp. These are the fish every other fisherman i've met curses and throws out. Phil is only after carp. He's looking for big ones only - up over 20kg would make him really happy.
The road to Musselbrook is not that wide, but has some shoulder. Same for the road to Scone. Not much traffic as you can expect at 3am. A worrying bunch walking along the streets in Mussellbrook when I stopped at the lights. Had me worried for a bit until I could read the signs on their shirts - pest control. Shooting birds as night. I didn't ask what type the rifle was.
Arrived in Scone at 5am. Quiet it was. Just the way I like towns. Coles opened at 6. Got some food and went to find a park.
As expected I broke another spoke. This time I've loosened some of the other spokes. I've tried to get them all the same tension and have the wheel true. Last time the wheel was true, but some spokes felt tighter. Feeling a bit more confident this time. Hoping this is my last one. I'm almost out of spokes.
Wasn't feeling the best so hung out in the park trying to nap. But more road works. When the thumpers started, I new it was time to move on.
Gundy was nice, but with a wedding on, it was going to be busy. Timor was only just down the road lets head there. The road got hilly. I was feeling tired. At 6 i arrived, found a spot and just about to sleep when a car stopped. I'd picked the tennis grounds. And it was tennis night. Didn't matter I fell asleep anyway.