Thursday, March 31, 2011


Condamine was a bust. Woke up and was lazing about, ate the last of my non cook food. Then was talking with a local. The supermarket shutdown and the only food in town is from the servo.Yiks! End of lazing. Packed up and headed to Miles to do some shopping. I thought this would be bad for the town, but the local reckoned that no one shopped there and that the center of the town is the pub. Guess either everyone drinks within the limits, or there is no RBT out this way.
30km to Miles. There isn't any point in stopping in Condamine any more I reckon. If I had of known the shop was closed, I wouldn't have stopped the night. I did was my clothes and have a shower, but had to put the still wet clothes on to leave.
Rode on and stopped the night in the same spot off the edge of the road that I stopped at last time. Grass is higher though and more mossies. This morning had to crap in a bag in the tent. Too many mossies outside for me to want to bare my butt out there. Also the ground was very hard - rock covered by a thin soil layer. After lots of shitting in a bag, I must say the doggy bags are the best yet. No worries about holes in them and they are biodegradable.
Random thought: Why are trucks so brick shapped? Wouldn't they get better fuel economy by being a bit rounder?
There is a lot of truck traffic out here now. Mining or drilling for gas, then moving livestock about.