Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the road again: Broke

Finally I'm travelling again. The tooth seems to have healed. It is a bit sore still, but I'm hoping that it will not be a problem.
I stayed with some friends for a week, then left on my usual route. This time was different though - I didn't travel as far as I usually do. Maybe its the effects of the tooth extraction, too much eating, not enough exercise, an immune system upgrade thats underway (I've a cold). Probably its all of them. First day was 30km. Second day was 30km. And was that a struggle. An hour after starting I was in survival mode: don't think, just pedal, or walk. Only thinking was to pick the next tree/rock/hill to get to. I didn't go anywhere yesterday. Just sat about a campsite and ate, rested and read books. It was so peaceful where I was, I almost turned around this morning and went back.
After all the weighing up, shaving grams off small items. I left my friends house way over loaded. 8 books was the start of it, "gifts" that I needed to delay sending, the "extra" food that I bought because it was soo cheap, (and I made the mistake of shopping when hungry!). Today was able to post the "gifts" off. 4kg gone. 7 books given away, And by considerable effort, Over 3kg of food eaten. (Well that was over the last 3 days)
The Troll is feeling much lighter now. I'm still carrying a couple of spares that I could get rid of. My Shimano sandals - I've a new pair, but am still wearing the old pair I patched with a cable tie. I've also a spare pair of thongs - still wearing the old pair patched with a cable tie there also. Lets see how long the old ones last..
All my gear should fit in the rear panniers. Having the front ones helps balance the weight about. It also means that any food buys, I have lots of space to carry them. Finding anyting in the bags is also easier.
I'm back in the town of Broke. Dennis doesn't live here any more, so I'm having a peaceful time.
Not many pictures so far. Was stuggling too much, and then just didn't feel like taking any. Here is one of my Troll.
The frame size is 16" by Surly's measurements. The Norco was an 18.5", but everyone measures differently.