Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monte Christo, Condamine

Passed over the QLD border two days ago and rode to Monte Christo. Its a rest stop. I didn't actually stay there, but that is the closest name. I slept in a paddock with 100's of little mice. They kept me awake. I could hear their feet on the tent, and would jump up to scare them away. I worried they would chew through looking for food. Lots of them on the road also - measuring their lengh.(road kill)
I'd eaten lots at Goondiwindi and was going to have an easy day. 100km was perhaps not that easy a day.
I swore I could smell chocolate milk early in the morning. Was wishing for some then. A bit down the road.. hmmmmm Round up. I'm in the country...
Moonie - ouch.. $5 for 1.25liter of soft drink. I decided I needed sugar.
The owner of The Gums road house offered that I could sleep in their Donga (a shipping container set up like a room; used for workmen's quarters in remote areas) I don't like sleeping inside. Will do if I have to, but still not happy about it. I thought about camping outside, but there was a strong soap smell. So on I went. Unfortunately, the road to Condamine is low on the edges and with all the rain, was water logged. Tricky to find a spot. Got showered on a bit also.
The days so far have been overcaste. A gray sort of day with only a couple of short glimpses of the sun.
Will rest in Condimine for a day - was the salt out of my clothes, eat up (I'm loosing weight) and let the legs rest a bit while I figure out which way to go now. I want to avoid the coast road, but not sure if the inland route is open to traffic. Its still damp up north and there is a lot of water about.
Oh, the mossies here did miss me. I'm back to using Aerogard like BO spray.