Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lake Liddell

My early start was not to be. 2 km and 'pong'. Another broken spoke.I went back to the tables at Broke and replaced it, then headed to Singleton to get more. Most annoying. I'm expecting at this point to break more:( Time i think to learn wheel building.
The shop in Singleton didn't have spokes or disk pads. The next town with bike shops is Tamworth. I'll be there Monday.
Leaving Singleton was very hot and humid. Stopped at a servo to top up on water, and just as i'm leaving it starts pouring. A before lunch thunder storm.
The road is mostly with a wide shoulder, but every so often one of the blue "watch for bicycles" signs appears. This is when the shoulder shrinks or vanishes. Bummer! Usually its not for long. Though i'm about 20km from Musselbrook and the shoulder isn't to wide now. Lots of traffic here now. Lots of trucks. But so far everyone has been good.
Some water entered my panniers:( I need to roll them more. Luckily the sun is out, and its blowing a gale. I should have everything dry by dark.
I hope that the machinary that is working near by stops tonight, else it'll be earplugs to sleep. Talking to a local, it has been running 3 days non stop, but it should finish today, but you never know. Lake Liddell supplies 3 power stations. The machinary is putting in new rail tracks.