Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Schmitt returns

Finally my wheel is back. The bearings were good, the problem was rust- a component inside. The hub is sealed, with a vent hole inside the axle. So never grease the quick release skewer as the grease can clog the breather hole. Since i use Pitlock skewers, i've never greased them. I've also never had the hub underwater. So not sure why it was rusty. We'll have to see if it happens again.
It is good to have lights again.
Broke another rear spoke. Had the wheel checked for tension and trueness. Hope thats the last.
Heart stop moment, i dropped the Pitlock key down a manhole. Yikes!!! This was in Newtown. Luckily i was able to lift tin cover up. Down i jumped and retrieved it. I also put the cover back.
Got asked for ID by the security guards again. Picked the wrong moment to move about. Still, least i was awake then.