Friday, March 25, 2011


Didn't sleep well. Wanting to get up early to get into Tamworth early I think. Left Woolomin at 4:00. The road in has no shoulder til about 6km out, when the truck traffic started - even at 5am.
Only surprise was one house where the dogs barked - a small white yappy rat like thing run out. I ignored that and just cruised along. But then there was a deeper bark and noise of a bigger dog running. Heart rate leaped and so did the legs. I didn't look back to see what it was, but could hear it. Heavy sounding paws, and panting breathing chasing along for a while before giving up. Phew...
Near Tamworth there is a bike path, but don't be conned onto it. It looks great at first, but stops and starts whenever the mood took the builders. Ramps are missing from streets. It has gaps infront of some houses: looks like they never got back to finish that bit. And then finally runs out a few km of garbage bin and parked cars later. Why are morning dog walkers dressed in black, walking black dogs? Stick to the road shoulder. The bike path has been like that for the past few years now. I don't think its going to ever be finished.
Found a bakery open and had hot cross buns, just out of the oven. Waited about for the shops to open. Talked with a local: Sonja for a bit. (Plan well Sonja and do what you want to.)
Tamworth Cycle Shop on Peel street was very helpful. They made me some spare spokes. A little tool that presses the threads into the spoke. Neat.
Missed buy music. The first shop in middle of Peel street I went to had lots, but the staff were very reluctant to help. So much so that I gave up asking and left. The next shop: Music P&B didn't have anything for me, but was way helpful. They sold out earlier; because the staff are so helpful!
Got tired of Tamworth, and headed out. Nice day, sunny and touch of coolness in the air. First day of sun in a while. Pedalled on and rolled into Barraba at 6. Just shy of 140km. Hovered up a lot of food, had a quick hot shower, and crashed. Best nights sleep. Will stay a few days and then continue on.