Thursday, March 24, 2011


It wasn't great waking up. My cold is way worse than before. I really need to rest somewhere. The long day yesterday really knocked me about. Can't stop in Timor though. Asking people what was there when I was in Scone, I was told: a pub, a shop, a corner store. There are a few houses, but the pub and shop have been closed so long the buildings aren't even there. There is an old church, but its closed.
Nundle was 50km and a large climb away. 1.5hours walking up hill. Stopped in Nundle and ate fruit and veges. Rested and then thought I'd try Chaffy Dam. But ended up in Woolomin again. Love the hot chips here. Will rest here a few days and try and get this cold to clear up a bit. Its really knocking me about.
On a good note, no more broken spokes yet. And the wheels had a pounding with all the dirt roads between Scone and Nundle. I had started trying to be like on egg shells, but in the end, just went for it.