Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indecision (again)

Tooth is still in my mouth. Dentist discussed the pros and cons of pulling it out verses root canal. So thee end of the appointment came without anything happening. Well, except talking. So, tooth is still there, root canal appointments booked for all of March. And I've still got another week to be certain to pull it out. Arrrgghhh.. Choices. Choices.
Pros for pulling it out: cheap, its done, can move on and deal with any problems later, other teeth could move affecting bite, more stress on other teeth, risk of damage to sinus, visible when smile.
Cons for root canal: 70% still fail. Expensive. Need crown which is also expensive. Worry about infection not being visible on x-rays, pain.
One argument says risk the root canal and it can always be pulled out later. This morning, I'm back to thinking pull it out,, get it over with and lets move on.
Ordered some panniers from Wiggle in UK last Friday. Same time I ordered some other items from a Sydney based internet only shop. The UK gear has arrived. Yes. It was processed, shipped, and delivered in 5 days. The Sydney based gear has as far as I can tell, not even left the warehouse. Dispite email saying when it was expected to ship and that further email would arrive if there was any problems, I've got nothing yet. Any wonder why we order gear online from overseas?