Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wellington, Ponto

Well, took three days to get to Wellington. Lots of dirt roads; hills, sand, head scratching. GPS and paper maps didn't agree, and at times neither matched the roads. So did some exploring. Was all fun.
Unlike the angry young man from Binnaway, the young men I met were all very friendly. Guys driving somewhere - stopping to see if I'm okay, or needed anything. That is the way it normally is.
From Wellington, decided to go to Ponto Falls Reserve. GPS shows two routes. One on back roads over a large hill, the other along the highway.
I take the hill.
I could see the river in the distance. Met a farmer, and yeah, I'm on the wrong side. He showed me the river. Yep. 50m north is where I want to be. To get there is going to be another 40km - back to Wellington and then out on the other route. He lets me camp on his land. Though, just on dusk, after moving my tent twice, I moved out to the road side. His cows kept getting spooked seeing the tent and running around. I didn't think I'd sleep too well with that. Was worried they might walk over me.  But as it happened, I didn't sleep to well anyway.
After dark, all the irrigation pumps started. Fuel motors. Run all night until about 4am. Probably was louder near the river. I was about a kilometer away. Also during the night, I spiked my hand on something sharp under the tent- that wakes you up in a hurry. Can see the puncture marks this morning. Also have needle holes in the tent bathtub to fix sometime. Think it was just dry grass stalks, as didn't find anything spikey under the tent.

So it will be a day of just relaxing in the sun, instead of all the jobs I was going to do.