Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coonabarbran, Binnaway

It's the end of school holidays. Parents with kids abound. But the parents aren't really present. Kids on the play equipment, parents, attention glued to their phone. It looks wrong. What message does that give the child? This phone is more interesting than you?

Heading out of town, I unexpectedly encounter Saturn. I'd missed most of the solar system! It's childishly amusing to see that I'm heading towards Uranus. I won't see it though, as I'll be off on a dirt road before then. Uranus, the  seventh largest planet, the only one named from Greek mythology, rather than Roman. It's only been visited once in 1986 by Voyager 2, as it flew past on the way to Neptune.

Eating breakfast in Binnaway, I watch a magpie swooping the kids. It doesn't go for me. Maybe it spies the tanned, dried feet hanging off my bike, and suspects it could end up like that if it comes too close. Maybe it likes kids as they are smaller. Later it does take a few swoops at me, bouncing off my head. So much for that theory.

I ignore the angry young man, who threatens to run me over. Though, I do wait until he has driven off north, then I continue heading south. My dirt road waits for me. Later I chat with a couple of farmers. Amongst other things, they tell me the turn onto a road I was planning to take doesn't exist any more. I'd been a bit iffy about that bit too, suspecting the GPS might not have the right info. But that's ok. It had been an enjoyable ride so far. With all the talk, the sun is sinking. After we part, I camp a few kilometers further on in some trees.