Sunday, October 19, 2014


Wow. What a lovely day. Somehow today everything seems sharper; the light brighter, the air more fragrant - pine scents, and tens of flowers, warmth from the sun and cool breezes. Maybe I'm drugged. Everything is dreamy.
I've been hanging about in the area, but this morning decided to come into Gulgong to get more water.
Tip: If your GPS suggests Perseverence Lane as a route. Skip it. Lots of sand.
After making my mind up to skip the road kill for now, this mornings ride in had dead everywhere; roo here, lizard there, bird on the side, snake off the edge (people really really go out of their way to run over snakes!), another bird, a second roo. So many dead animals. I rode past them all. Bought a jar of peanut buttter instead.
Bit of indecision happening. Yesterday a tooth started aching. What to do. Weekend; so nothing open. Need to wait for Monday. But I could cycle somewhere before then. But where - Mudgee, Wellington, Dubbo, Sydney? Will wait till tomorrow and then decide. Today it feels a bit better. I tell myself this is good - pain decreasing means its going to heal up. Hahaha I can hope. It will need attention sometime. I'm getting a theory that exercise helps - why I cycled into Gulgong today, and will cycle back out again later.
But for now, the day is so gorgeous! Going to lay back and let it soak in some more.