Friday, October 17, 2014

Mmmmm chicken!

Well, it looks like chicken. It's small; not much bigger than a quail. Organic? No way. With all the farms here; pesticides and herbicides abound. Free range? Most definitely.

Fresh. No broken bones. It was in good shape, so I plucked and gutted it.  A wash to get the blood out, and done.

Boiled, with veggies, lentils, fresh peas,  pasta and a touch of curry.

My meat cooking is improving. This was very tender. Almost falling of the bone. Then it was a young bird, and I didn't cook it long.

It gave a slight flavor to the pot, or maybe I imagined that. Not much meat. The breasts had the most, with the legs next. Though not even a mouthful all up. Lots of sucking on bones really.

Was this worth it? 

Probably not.

Washing the carcass, knife and hands used 1.5 litres of water. The clean up of the cooking gear used more water than normal to get the oil/fat off.

Two plastic bags to keep it till I cooked it. Both have blood on them, so are now rubbish.

If it was a quail, it would have provided at most 200 calories. Most estimates are less and work on about 100 grams of meat after removing bones. I think I had less than that.
A quarter cup of sultanas is 145 calories.
A tablespoon olive oil is 119 calories.
A tablespoon of peanut butter is around 100 calories (depends on brand, and how heaped the spoon:-)
A medium apple is about 100 calories.
So it's not providing major calories. Not major anything really as its to small to contribute much. 

Doing not a lot, the average person needs about 2000 calories a day.  Ten birds and it would make their basal calorie requirements. Exercise, and that increases. I pedal between four to six hours a day. I'd need a whole flock.

Since it was showering here, I'd think no spraying recently, lowering the birds recent pesticide/herbicide intake. If there was a lot of spraying happening, it could have high levels if it was feeding in the sprayed areas. Impossible to know how much your eating.

All up, for the time, effort, water and calories, there are better choices to be had.