Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ponto Falls Reserve, Wellington

After sitting about all day, doing not a lot. I decided not to go to the reserve yet. My hand was quiet sore, red and a bit swollen. I worried that it was getting infected.
By the next day it was clear that it wasn't. So I headed out. Nice day. Top of 31C, warm enough to brave a swim.
Lucky  I did then. Later in the day it clouded over and the temp dropped.. Been quiet nippy since then. Cloudy, showers, wind. Cold snap. Was 2C this morning when I woke, and I was on a hill.
With that sort of weather, I lay about alot. Didn't do much. Watched the the traffic go past.
Worrying sight: father driving 4x4, with daughter(?) sitting on bull bar.