Friday, October 24, 2014

Gulgong, Wellington

Could hear the car coming up the street; music thumping out and echoing off the buildings. Then it pulled into the park. Someone got out and went into the toilet block. Music stayed on.  I could see the driver was still there, so, summoned up my courage and started walking over. As I did, he got out; six foot plus - I had to look up a long way past the tattoos various body and facial piercing.
"Errr, that music" I started to say.
His arm started stretching out...
"Noooo, No.. No.." I cried.  "Done turn it off!!! Do you know the band?"

We chatted for a bit. I was hopeless with knowing the TV shows the singers had appeared in. I found the a couple of the songs on  Ol'55: On the prowl  and Ol' 55 : Two Faces Have I

Later I rode out of town again to camp. Spent half of Monday trying to find a Dentist. Lots of calling, leaving messages on answering machines. A problem for me as I kept missing the call backs - being out of mobile reception when they called back. Played a fair bit phone tag. But then got lucky. Called a dentist in Wellington and spoke to a real person and booked an appointment for the next week, with the option of sooner if someone cancelled.

Over a couple of days headed back towards Wellington, and then someone cancelled.

The dentist was wonderful. I'd stayed in town one night at the caravan park so that I didn't need to leave my bike and gear out on the street. Needed to go back the next day. And again the dentist helped by fitting me in. Even got a spot to leave my bike inside while I was getting repaired so I didn't need to stay in the park another night. So teeth all fixed now. The dentist cycles, so he suggested a route to see a bit of the "Animals on Bikes" art.

It was a good suggestion.