Friday, June 11, 2010

Brakes arrive

Finally the trip to the postoffice, saw me return with a large box. First thing was to fit the rear - as it was probably the one that was going to be the problem. Arrrg...It still is a problem :( The 160mm Rohloff rotor is too small (Well that or the disk mount is too high.) I had suspected that before, but was assured that it would all be fine.
Changing the adapter when I realised that I had two different sized ones, helped slightly, but not enough. Still too little disk rotor is under the pads. And still too much for me to "fix" by changes to the dropouts. Not happy. I could have ordered a larger rotor earlier, and not be sitting now waiting again.

*sighs* more waiting time. Need to order a larger rotor. Rohloff don't do a 180mm or 185mm any more, so its either 190mm or 203mm. Yuba recommended a 180mm Rotor, so I'm going to go with the 190mm.

So, more daily trips to the post office waiting for a larger rotor.

The front fits without any dramas. So I've one brake. Might fit up the chain and have bit of a ride about on the weekend.