Monday, 31 May 2010

Rohloff bits arrive

The new axle plate makes mounting the wheel a lot easier.  Will wait until I sort out the disk before making the dropouts 10mm. When I narrow the dropouts, I'll add a bit more metal for the torque plate to press against. 
Not sure if the 160mm rotor will work. The amount of rotor that is available at the disk mount looks a bit short.

Could get a few millimeters more by making the dropout deeper, but not to much more, else the axle nuts will hit the tube.

I'm not the first to have hassles with the rear disk mount.  I'm hoping that it will not take me too long to sort out.


  1. I'd love to have an internal gear hub on my Mundo, but the ones in my price range aren't rated for any serious loads. its a shame because I love the gear hubs on my other bikes, even if they are just 3 speeds. Did you consider the Nuvinci CVP hub before deciding on the Rohloff? I think I may one day put one of those on mine, partly because they are cheaper and partly because the idea of continuously variable transmission intrigues me (plus it has been done before on the Long Walk To Green blog and held up to heavy loads well).

    I wish you the best of luck with your build, and once you take it out for a spin I think you will enjoy the ride.

  2. Didn't think about any other hub. I had the Rohloff already. I've used Rohloff hubs in load bikes before. Friends have also. Never had a problem. Some of the bikes had way more load, and way stronger riders powering them, than I am. So the hub is built to last.

  3. Hi Megan. Good blog. Makes me want to ride more......
    I too have a V3- its awesome- Likely a good choice for being tough when you aren't consumed with weight.
    Mine is pretty bare bones, however, external gears and vee brakes. I have custom fitted aluminium checkplate to the rear rack and sideloaders, added Sweetskinz tires, Electra chrome plated fenders, and a Rolling Jackass centrestand. Maybe discs later this year.....
    Once I get a front rack on my V3 I will post some pics somewhere. Will be following your Rohloff build. Cheers from Canada's west coast. John


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