Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Rotor arrives

The new rotor arrived today. Its actually the 190mm Magura option from Rohloff. As I guessed, it is a bit big for the caliper to bolt onto. Yuba recommending a 180mm for the rear. I think a 185 would be just spot on.

When I ordered the frame, I also I ordered the adapter from Yuba for the rear 180mm disk. Looking at it now, its way too small. The brakes arrived with two different size adapters - 1 small  (that almost matches the Yuba one),  and one larger - that works better on the rear. Better, but not perfect.

The image above has the caliper resting down onto the top of the rotor. This is with the axle adapters on the Rohloff hub, in the 14mm dropouts. At both ends its about 5mm to bolt flat to the adapter. (Its easier to see the gap on the front bolt.) This will sort its self out tomorrow when the dropouts get narrowed. I'll get some more metal at the bottom of each dropout - and the rotor will drop downward. I might also put some spacers between the adapter, and the caliper to fine tune the height - to get it just right.

I'm excited now - this is all stuff that can be done by me - so there is not more waiting for parts to arrive. Baring any unexpected developments, I should be able to have a ride tomorrow.