Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Chain Guard - 2nd go

Chain is well covered now. From the chain ring to near the rear cog. The top tube does not rub on the chain or the cogs. The chain does rub on the bottom. Can't hear it from the saddle though.

Rode a few km on this trying to hit every puddle and mud spot I could find. So far its going okay. Going to hit some dirt roads tomorrow. Corrugations, clay soil, and with the rain up here, will be good an messy. A chance to see what is going to work loose, and if the chain guard really does that much for keeping the chain clean. It does keep the chain of long pants though.

Still tossing up if to mount a basket on the front, or not.

Tried a few more options for the deflopilator. Not really happy with that still. Its not the flopping that is the problem - its the light being hit. Getting a longer bolt to place a metal bracket around the light.

View looking down.


  1. I'd go for the basket, I have one on my non-Yuba and whenever I am on the Yuba I miss it quite a bit.

  2. I'd like a basket, but my handle bars don't seem to have much space. My current thinking is to use the two bolts and attach two small buckets(?) to the sides under the handle bar. This will give me space for small items and not interfere with the light, or with me seeing the front wheel.


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