Saturday, June 19, 2010

Longer ride

Clocked up 40km today - would have done more, but the bottom bracket was unwinding itself and of all the tools I took with me, I didn't take the crank puller and bottom bracket socket.

Found that I need something on the top chain run - to stop the chain bouncing off on big bumps.

The front wheel needs the deflopilator. Annoyingly the front light provides the stop at the moment. I don't want to break the light. Bought a spring - but found it was too stretchy when I mounted it.. Will return it Monday  and try the stiffer one that I discounted as being too stiff. I'll also add a bracket around the light, to stop it hitting the frame - if the fork does turn around.

The Go-Getter bag is great. It swallows everything - from a bucket, to lengths of pipe. I did mess up a few tight spots and scraped wide loaders or the bag. That will resolve itself as I get used to the extra length. Not surprisingly I found that I couldn't bunny hop.