Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chain Guard - first go.

Not really a lot happened to day. I hunted for some pipe for the chain guard, and mud guards. The large diameter pipe tents to be heavy because of the thicker walls. Didn't get that.

The chain guard - ended up trying electrical conduit. I wanted a tube over the top chain run, and the bottom.  Spent most of the day heating, bending, filing, assembling and disassembling the chain. I don't want the chain guard rubbing on the hub. With careful bending and filing - I did acheive that, and still had the tube bending in to enclose the chain. I think this was a waste of effort now. It took a long time, and really doesn't do that much for the guard.

The initial try had a bend on both ends. The conduit has some flex - but the problem was getting the chain linked up. I find it easier to link the chain on the chain ring. This didn't allow that.

I chopped the front off - and shortened the back. But not sure if I'm happy with it at the moment.

I experimented with using just floating pipes over the two chain runs. Thinking about doing that, and leaving the chain ring free. Also thinking of other ways to cover the chain ring up.

I have access to brazing gear and was going to add tabs on for the guard. But now, thinking to cable tied it on only until I'm sure. I'll sleep on it tonight and have another look tomorrow.