Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tooth ache, Wheel bearings and Bicycle Computers

Tooth is still sore. Specialist thinks it might get better, or might not. But to come back in another month, unless it heals or hurts more. Arrrgggh... $220 for "extended consultation" (maybe 15 minutes all up), x-ray, and "Pulp vitality test" (Bite down on this - does that hurt?)
If it gets worse, it root canal treatment - that will be about $2000. Ouch. It it stops hurting, then all would be good for a while. Needless to say, I'm keen on it settling down.
Front wheel bearings in the Schmitt hub are gone. Was trying to think how many km they have done, but apart from the 7000 odd touring, they did service for a couple of years before that, when I didn't have a bike computer. To get them changed is going to take a week. A place down Melbourne does them. Luckily for me, I was loaned a spare front wheel that I can use to ride about on in the mean time. So getting the bearings changed now.
Dropped the bike computer and broke the button off. I can still change it with a small twig, and found the button. Going to try and glue it up,
What else can fail/break?
Been doing some more tidying up on the Troll. Yesterdays effort was a small guard to stop my heel swipping off the caliper bleed cover. Next time I need a new caliper, I'll look at where the bleeder exits. Not something you think of normally.