Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loaded Troll on the road in Sydney

I'd been staying with friends. It was terribly nice of them, but decided today, time to move on. Because of unresolved tooth issues, and waiting for front wheel bearing replacement, I need to stay about Sydney for a bit. Options on the tooth are extract it or root canal and crown.
While thinking about that, did lots on the bike. A rear Tubus Cosmo rack can be mounted as a front rack. This is great as it has a platform and is light; about 700gms.
Made up a bracket to mount the light above the front rack load. Need to get the wheel back to see how good this works.
Some photos of the bike when I stopped in the park for a repack.
Surly isn't as rigid as the Yuba. First ride fully loaded was almost like a piece of noodle - cooked, not raw. But this turned out to be the load not firmly fastened. With everything tied down good, it still has some flex, but handles fine.
Now to sort out somewhere to sleep.