Monday, February 14, 2011

Dental Pain!!!

Just what is the evolutionary advantage to having pain receptors in your teeth?
I survived the weekend. But it wasn't easy, or something I'd like to do again. I was sitting at the door to the dentists this morning before 8am waiting to see if I could get for an apointment. I was contemplating using pliers myself. The pain was agonyising. No matter how much I told myself pain isn't real, breath, think of something else - it didn't work. Drugs helped I think, but not enough. What did people do before Dentists and pain medication? (I suspect the pliers).
Forget about worrying which tooth it was, I wanted them all out. Nothing so drastic yet, the suspect from last week did have a crack in it.
At the moment, the pain continues, but wether nerve death, drugs or plain exhaustion its a bit less than the weekends levels. I'm told that it continue to go down now and in a couple of days not hurt at all.
I can't wait.