Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting a good nights sleep

This is the view from my breakfast spot. No, its not where I slept. Though I'll need to find a new spot for tonight. Got woken up about midnight by the security guards wanting to see identification and know what I was doing. I thought that was obvious - sleeping! Reckon I might not get away with it there again tonight.
Apart from the midnight wake up, a good nights sleep was had. Even found a spot to charge my phone. Now if they just had free wifi it would be almost perfect. (Perfect would be no security guards waking you up, and free wifi.)
Worryingly, the tooth is hurting more than yesterday. I'm wondering if this is just all the pain killers draining out of my system. Still on antibiotics, another few days left of that course. Will see how the pain develops today if at all, and go see the regular dentist again for an appointment to pull it out. Well, still wavering on root canal or pull out. More leaning to pull it out. Both have consequences and risk factors.
Still feels like too much gear on the bike, even though I ditched stuff and got lighter stuff. Though, putting the tent on the back rack with the panniers and water isn't as bad as I thought for front wheel lift. Thinking about a basket on the platform on the front rack. Would be a handy place to drop the shopping, and commonly used items for the day.