Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lunch and more

Was heading back to where I'm staying, via some of the dumpsters I've visited in the past. Being away, places have shut down and of course new places have opened. Its not the best area, but sometimes you get lucky. Today was one of those days.
Ended up with 9 loaves of bread, and some buns. Cause I wasn't going to eat that much so spent most of the afternoon finding people to give bread to. Was looking for people begging, or in need. Some beggers didn't want food, only money. Gave away all that I didn't want in the end.
Wasn't actually looking for food though. Was looking for some stainless steel to make a bracket for my front rack. I'm going to mount a rear Tubus Cosmo rack on the front. My plan needs a small U shaped bracket. I want this to be stainless steel. Didn't find any this time. I did pick up a handful of milling and lathe bits from one skip outside a house in the suburbs. Going to find someone to give them to tomorrow.
Also gathered up some clothes and dropped them in to one of the church charity bins.
Feeling happy with the day. Nothing like digging around in bins, and giving stuff away.