Monday, August 23, 2010

Sand surfing to Blackall

Got the itch Sunday lunchtime and decided to move on. After wavering a bit, i took the back road which ended up having about 60km of sand.
Some times were good. Cruising along on the edge of a sand ridge, sliding down slightly cushioning out the corrugations. Grab to much sand though, and its wipe out.
Mostly it was hard work. Walking, pulling and pushing the bike along. I was glad when the sand stopped.
There was some hard clay bits. A worry if it rained. Lucky it didn't. But the thought did keep me awake. Well the roaring wind probably did more. I'd camped in a ditch- that helped lessen the wind on the tent, but not the spot to be if it rains.
Here is a short video looking around when i got on the tar again.