Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mud in Isisford

Made Isisford yesterday morning. The road here seems to be uphill all the way! I might even go back to Blackall just for the downhill coast.
Mail only comes here 3 times a week. The place is almost a ghost town, except for the grey nomads. $2 a night, $10 a week camping with a hot shower. I'm told some stay so long, they grow gardens. Cause when the heat arrives they all leave.
It was cold yesterday. I had to set up tent and get in to warm up. Then it started raining. A very reluctant post of rain. Not alot, but enough to dampen everything. When i left the tent, i made my introduction to the local mud.
I've known chewing gum that sticks less! I get 2 inch platform thongs walking ten meters. Thong straps are straining. Crickey. Haven't tried to ride in this. Going to stay here the week and hope it dries up. Birdsville track is closed- to much rain. So that rules that out for now. Need to see where next.