Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alpha and onwards

Alpha caravan park wanted $20 for a tent site a night. Bugger that. Instead i ate up. Rested in the park. Chatted with some locals and tourists and then pedalled onwards.
Snows bakery really bakes! So yummy.
The road is very straight. 2.5 hours of slow, into the wind, gradual climbing. Who said out here was flat?
Woke about midnight. Thought i heard an elephant.the park at Alpha had a sign saying no camels or elephants. I know there are feral camels, but elephants? Whats and elephant sound like. At night, in a tent in the middle of nowhere it sounded like one to me. A few sleepless hours wondering, before i drifted off into sleep.
The lady at the shop in Jericho said it was likely a bull or deer. There aren't any elephants loose that she knows of.
Jericho is nice. Small and friendly. Going to stay here a few days for the rain to pass. And do voting here.